the physical edition of Powerball now on the Bitmap Soft website!"

PoweBall is a charming art brick game with some RPG elements and a wonderful music. You will find power-ups and fancy enemies.


Once upon a time there was a humble young man and a princess who fell in love. They wanted to marry but the King did not accept this union. So he cast a spell on the young man which transformed him into a monster. The poor princess was confined in the castle to arrange a marriage of convenience with a prince of great wealth. The only option for the young monster to get his princess back is to defeat the King by playing PowerBall and prove his worth. Will love triumph over the King's evil plans?


- 33 unique levels inside 4 different worlds.
- Each world has it's different enemies and boss.
- 12 different crazy power-ups .
- Two game modes for Arcade Mode.
- Compatibility with Gameboy Classic and Color.
- Gameboy Printer Compatibility.
- Multiplayer local Mod.


Arcade Mode

Left-Right (D-PAD): Move left or right
Z (A): Start the ball
X (B): Spit Fireball


P1: Up and Down
P2: Z and X
Intro(start): Start the ball
R-shift(select): Quit match

*Hold "Select" + Press "Start" on the boot scene to avoid logos and go to tittle screen.

*On Main menu, hold "Select" button to print the score on a Gameboy Printer


Music: Beatscribe
Art: AinaSGE
Programmer: RubenRetro
Color Palette based on endesga-64
Fonts Phantasm_8x8 by



Display background text by Pautomas

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsRubenretro, beatscribe, ainaSGE
GenreAction, Adventure, Role Playing
Made withGB Studio
TagsArcade, Casual, Cute, Game Boy, gbstudio, Pixel Art, Retro, Romance


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looks great! Is there still going to be a full digital version? 

Thank you! You can find the full version at bitmap store:

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do you know about "The Trial of Kharzoid" (a new NES game still in wip, kickstarter shall be released in March)
If I got it right it also mixing rpg with the style of games like arkaniod. 
With the very best wishes and just the best for you and your projects!

Edit: I just looked it up again, to share a link and saw that I was wrong it is mixing metroidvania with with arkanoid style of game (wich is makeing it to a arkanoidvania).
Here is the link to the site nevertheless...:

funny quirky game!

Is this the full version of the game? I really like it, but the inability to pause during gameplay is a dealbreaker for me. 


Thanks for your feedback! This is the demo. The full version Will be released soon. And It has pause button 😁

Okay great! Is there more than one song too? It's a great song, but one more would be nice 😅

Will it be available on itch, or are you doing a Kickstarter for a physical edition? 


Yep It has many other songs now for every world.

It Will be available on physical edition without kickstarter

Nice! I will definitely contribute when it's up!

Cool start, I can see this developing into a very good game. The collision detection on these games is always the key, I'd take a look at some of the successful GB entries like Alleyway to see how to maybe do better collision. I do like the forgiving nature of the thick paddle though, helps on a less accurate system like GB. Without slightly better physics clearing the last few blocks on a level is very tedious and difficult. Otherwise really good start, I hope to see you continue to work on this

While I'm not super into breakout style games, I like the presentation and the progression of this one. I did have a game breaking bug where the ball went out of bounds on the left wall (maybe I hit it too close to the wall?) and the game just got stuck there. Otherwise, good job :)

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I had a lot of fun with this one and plan to go back to it! I liked how you could end the level before breaking every last brick. I also liked the way it piles on the mechanics gradually in a way that makes me constantly want to know what the next level will be like! Cant wait to jump back in and play some more! Great work!

Thank you so much for your feedback, I'm so glad you liked it 😁.

Muy bueno el juego, el que más tiempo me ha tenido enganchado y eso que no soy muy de los arkanoids :) Enhorabuena. Por poner un pero, el hecho de que la bola tenga sobra hace que no quede muy claro cuando colisiona con los bloques. Parece que a veces pasa por encima de algunos.

¡Muchísimas gracias! me alegro que te haya gustado 😁. En efecto a veces la bola se dirige a un bloque posterior y pasa rozando los bordes del anterior, me ha sido imposible conseguir una mecánica más depurada. Me revisaré lo de la sombra gracias !

This is such a pretty, well designed game! I love the inclusion of RPG mechanics, that's very neat!

Is there a pause button? If not, I think the game would benefit from one. If it does have one, I can't seem to get it to work.

Thank you! The game doesnt have pause button. Yeah thats in my to do things list after the jam 😸👍